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Here's a look at our Terms & Conditions

Booking, Confirmation & Deposits:

Upon your request for our services you will be provided an estimate to your email. Estimates will contain details about your event to ensure that your  expectations are met. If something is not right on the estimate, then please reach out to us and we will make necessary changes and send you a new one. Events are not added to our calendar until you’ve clicked the link to accept the estimate, at which time it is converted to an invoice. Invoices for more than $1500 require a 30% deposit at the time of booking.


Order Minimums & Payment Terms:

There is a $150 order minimum for the Office Lunch Menu & a $750 minimum for the Event Catering Menu. Full payment is due 48 hours before any event. We assess a 10% late fee on invoices that are not paid within 72 hours of their due date.

Convenience Fees:

Our service is inclusive of items mentioned on your estimate. The Office Lunch menu includes one delivery from our kitchen to your event for $10 or $20 depending on your distance from the kitchen. Office Lunch Menu items include setup but do not include breakdown. Flatware for the Office Lunch Menu is included at no additional cost for the serving suggestion that is listed on our menu. Event Catering has no delivery fee and includes setup and in most cases includes breakdown. Flatware is included as directed on the estimate that we provide you.

We assess a Convenience Fee of $50 at our discretion when additional work is required on your event that is not included above or requires additional time or trips to your event. Some examples may be:

-You need more flatware that requires an additional trip to the event.

-There is a last minute change to the menu within the cancellation time frames listed below.

-We need to add food or staff to the event that was not originally planned for.


Cancellation Fees:

Office Lunch Menu: 50% cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of event

Event Catering Menu: 30% cancellation fee if cancelled within 7 days of event. 50% cancellation fee if cancelled within 48 hours of event.

Terms and Conditions for February Special:

  • To qualify for the $50 Amazon gift card, new clients must place a direct catering order with Noble Restaurant Company during the month of February, 2024.

  • Orders placed through a third party are not eligible.

  • The minimum order amount to be eligible for the gift card is $200.

  • Clients must use the promo code NEW50 either during the online checkout process or mention it when placing the order via phone or email.

  • The $50 Amazon gift card will be issued upon successful delivery and payment of the qualifying order.

  • This offer is valid for new clients only and cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

  • The gift card is non-transferable and has no cash value.

  • Noble Restaurant Company reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice.


For any questions or clarifications, please contact us at 

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